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MasterHook Towhitch 

All cars, all brands, all models, all types of rear bumper will be designed differently And this is the reason why every car, every make, every model, every model has its own unique towing hook, even the same model but different year of manufacture. Most of them have different types of tow hooks. There are generally two systems of standard towing hooks in the world. One system was developed in Europe. Another system in the United States Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages. Master Hook has adapted the advantages of both systems for you. since system startup (more than sixty years ago) the European standard used permanently attached towing balls, later developed a removable and innovative towing ball system. Concealed folding system through which the towing ball gradually Move to hide behind the bumper.

Features of the Master Hook TowBar

1. European standard type : detachable drag kit (import only)
The European towing unit can be removed from the towing ball rod and stored in the trunk of the car which when removed. There will be no trace of a tow hook attached to the back of the car.Attaching the towing ball rod to the towing hook or removing it for storage is easy.


2. European type (fixed towing ball mount)

      The towing bar and the towing ball rod are rigidly mounted to the passenger car. or a van with a low rear bumper.